Raj Raman

Founder and CEO

Raj Raman is a passionate educator, speaker and entrepreneur. Since he began working as a music instructor at the age of 14, he has been passionate about extra-curricular education. At the age of 18, he was hired by a major Canadian bank as one of their youngest advisors. While working at the bank, Raj realized that many of his clients had large gaps in their financial knowledge - which prevented them from being able to make important financial decisions and ultimately led to a lower quality of life for them. This is where he realized that there is a significant need for financial literacy education in Canada.

This realization led Raj to start WalletWiz, an organization that aims to help Canadian students become financially literate – so they can start making sound financial decisions right from their first earned dollar.

Raj is passionate about spreading the message that financial wellness is just as important as physical wellness. In his spare time, Raj enjoys playing a variety of instruments including piano, drums and guitar. He is also an avid fan of basketball and the Toronto Raptors.

Paras Prajapati

Software Engineer and Designer

Paras is all about one thing - technology! A passionate full-stack developer by day, he spends his time programming code for different projects (in various languages). When he is looking to exercise his creativity, he enjoys sketching, drawing and graphic design.

He is always trying to learn new technologies and apply them in real world situations.

When Paras graduated, he was faced with the burden of student debt - but was determined not to let it hang over his head. He put simple, but effective measures into place and followed a disciplined financial plan and was able to become completely debt free only two years after graduating! Paras is an advocate for financial responsibility, and he hopes to help spread awareness about financial literacy through his work with WalletWiz.

Paras has one motto: "Never Stop Learning". In his spare time, he enjoys video games, DIY projects, and creating new things.